Dear Crosby,

One month ago today, you entered this world.  And your story began.  But you should know there was a story before this one began.  When I was 24 years old, I had a baby like you in my tummy.  But he or she was not meant to be in this world.  That baby was meant to be an angel and God took that baby to our ultimate home.  And I have always believed that with that I am lucky.  I have an angel to watch over me, to love me tenderly from above.  But it was also hard.  I wanted a baby.  I wanted a family.  And that, to me, is where the story begins.  Our journey to a family.  Our journey to you.

For many years we tried to have a baby.  And heartache after heartache, broken hopes and dreams, the years went on.  When my heart was too heavy, when I had seen too many friends belly’s grow and grow again, your daddy and I decided to adopt a baby.  And this is an important part of your story.  You would not be who you are without your big sister.  And when you know her story, you will understand how much fate was involved in you two being together.  Her journey was not easy.  We had to fight for her too.  This is one thing that links you two together.   And you should know that since you have come home she has not left your side (aside for when she is at school).  She is so in love with you.  She is already your protector.

Since I was 24, and 26, and 30, and 34, and 35 I have cried many tears.   If at those moments God’s voice would have only spoken to me telling me it was all going to end up the way He had planned this journey would have been so much easier.  But I understand now.  God’s plans were so much greater than any I had had on my own.

On November 16, after 25 hours of hard, HARD labor and delivery, you emerged into this world.  On you sister’s birthday.   You were perfect.  And now a month has gone by so fast.  So much of it has been a blur to me.  But you see, I understand so much now.  I have been through a lot to have you and your sister that I feel this serendipity so deeply.  Because I am older, I am wiser.  I understand so much the power of time and how quickly little moments flee.  Since you have come home, I have held you so tightly.  The laundry piles up on the dining room table yet we push it aside each night for dinner.  There have always been dishes in the sink and I’ve washed clean dishes in the dishwasher.  Your sisters toys have hardly been picked up and the dust has gathered.  This has been the hard part for me.  I’m usually much more put together.  I like organization and I usually cook fancier meals.  But now is not the time.  I am blessed to have you when I am 35 versus 25.   I know time goes by so fast.  You will not be little you for long.  And so I sit all day and hold you, smell you, remember you as you are now.  Becuase I know you will not be that way even tomorrow.  One month of time has proven that.

I love you and your sister and the family we are more than anything in this world.  Thank you for completing us.  Thank you for making us so full of love.


‘The love of a family is life’s greatest blessing.”

With one bundled new baby, and a very busy big brother, you would never know how cold it was this morning.  Congrats C. family on becoming four!

Sally – Cretin Derham Senior

We fought the wind this night for Sally’s photos.  But I have to say I think we totally won!  How could you lose though when you are as gorgeous as this girl:)






















Sophie | Cretin-Derham Senior

I have to say I feel very honored to have gotten to take Sophie’s senior photos.  She is someone who is very near and dear to my heart… and my daughter’s.  When we moved to Saint Paul a few years ago from the suburbs, my daughter was still dealing with some amount of separation anxiety and I was worried how she would adjust to a new house, preschool, neighborhood, and environment.  But our new neighbor Sophie stopped by one day leaving a note at our door about her availability and interest to babysit.  Elizabeth loved her from the start.  Sophie is still one of our only and favorite babysitters.  And I could not be thankful enough to have someone right next door whom my daughter absolutely adores.  We will be so sad to be without her next year as she endeavors off to college, but none the less wish her all the luck and love in the world!

















“What can you do to promote world peace? Go home and love your family.”– Mother Teresa